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Your journey brings you to our website and I trust that you are on a quest for an answer. An answer you believe our Masonic Craft might hold for you.
Maybe you are fascinated by history. Maybe you read about Masonic symbols, references or personages. Maybe your question is philosophical or religious. It is also possible you know a strong and upright man, whom you highly respect, and just found out he was a Mason.
It is conceivable your interests' lies within being more charitable or spending time among a brotherhood or simply bettering yourself.
Whatever the case is, just by reading our website is a sign that you may very well be on the right track.
We invite you to peruse all the information our website has to offer. It is our pleasure to make all of this available to you, an unknown visitor to our virtual Lodge...

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Blood Drive 2019-2020 Season

Download the Blood Drive Brochure [ PDF - 86 KB ]

Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs life saving blood. In fact, recent polls have shown that 52 per cent of Canadians have needed blood or have had a family member that has needed blood products for surgery or medical treatment.

You can make a difference by supporting Canada Blood Services (CBS) through the Patterson Grey Blood Drive 2019-2020 Season.

Donating whole blood

You can donate blood at a time or place that is convenient for you. Information about when and where a blood donation clinic will be organized in your area of residence or business can be found on the CBS website at www.bloodservices.ca or by sending an email to Bro. Mugur Padure. When giving blood, please mention that you are a Mason, and ask that your donation be registered under the code MASON 010395.

Blood Donor Submissions
After donating blood, please report your donations to us by completing the online Blood Donor Submission Form. This will help us accurately tally our donation count within our lodge members.

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Transition Theory

Transition TheoryThe transition theory of masonic history holds that men not actively involved in the operative masonís trade were admitted to operative masons' lodges and, as the masonís trade declined, these outsiders took control of lodges. Little proof exists in support of this theory although it was held in high regard during the 19th century and through much of the twentieth.

With one exception there is no evidence that any non-operative was ever admitted to an operative lodge in England. Although some Scottish lodges changed from an operative to non-operative basis, none are evident in England. The following comprise practically all masonic references prior to 1717.

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